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Right-to-work signed into law

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A statement from Daniel P. Mehan, Missouri Chamber president and CEO:

Today, Gov. Eric Greitens signed a law that will protect Missouri workers from being forced to join a union and pay dues as a condition of their employment. Right-to-work is a common sense reform that will grow jobs, increase our state’s GDP and ensure that Missouri is never left out of the conversation when businesses across the globe seek to expand or relocate.

Dan Mehan, Missouri Chamber President and CEO

I’d like to thank Gov. Greitens for making this possible. We also owe this success to bill sponsors Sen. Dan Brown, Rep. Holly Rehder and the leaders of the Missouri General Assembly who made passing right-to-work their top priority in 2017.

Coming into this legislative session, many said that passing right-to-work would be an easy success this year. But that perspective fails to acknowledge the long road that led to this victory. The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has worked for decades to bring right-to-work to our state. There have been dozens of hearings and countless hours of debate on this issue.

Through it all, a united Missouri business community believed in right-to-work and the promise it holds for our state. We’ve heard from site selectors that Missouri has been missing out on at least 40 percent of our job growth opportunities because of our status as a non-right-to-work state. In time, I think even the people who opposed this change will come to appreciate how it helped provide better jobs for Missouri workers.

Our new status as a right-to-work state puts Missouri on a course for greater economic success even as we continue our efforts to reform our legal climate, improve workforce training and invest in transportation infrastructure.

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