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MMPA reform bills pass Senate committee

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A Missouri Senate committee has passed three bills aimed at stopping abuse of the state’s consumer protection act.

Today, the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act is being used to file huge lawsuits against companies over superficial problems — such as having too much air in a candy package.

The MMPA was originally enacted to prohibit deceptive practices in the sale of products and services. Over the years, amendments eroded the law, allowing lawyers to recruit supposedly defrauded clients for consumer lawsuits and opening the door for private lawsuits to seek punitive damages, attorneys’ fees and monstrous class actions.

On Feb. 26, the Senate Government Reform Committee passed three bills to reform the MMPA.

The bills are:

Missouri testified in support of these efforts to reform the MMPA.

The Missouri Chamber appreciates that many lawmakers are focused on improving this issue and bringing different ideas to the table.

The Missouri Chamber will continue to advocate for these needed reforms as the session continues.

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