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Missouri Chamber wins lawsuit to remove Amdt. 1 from ballot

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A judge ruled on Sept. 14 that Amendment 1 should be removed from the Nov. 6 ballot.

The lawsuit, brought by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, focused on how the language of Amendment 1 bundles several different issues into a single ballot item. This is not allowed under the Missouri Constitution.

Judge Green agreed that Amendment 1 violates the single subject rule. Additionally, he ruled that it also amends and repeals more than one article in violation of the Missouri Constitution.

Amendment 1 is touted by its supporters as an effort to improve state government. However, that message is disguising an out-of-state attempt to rewrite Missouri’s constitution and meddle with the rules that govern the balance of power in the state capitol. The Missouri Chamber opposes Amendment 1 because if passed, it could lead to a radical shift in priorities in the Missouri General Assembly, opening the door to higher taxes and more bureaucratic regulation. It could also reverse long-running efforts to make the state business-friendly and competitive for growth and investment opportunities.

“The way Amendment 1 is being sold to the public could have deceived many Missouri voters into supporting what appears on the surface to be an effort to improve state government,” said Daniel P. Mehan, Missouri Chamber president and CEO. “But Missourians need to understand that this is essentially an out-of-state coup attempt. The writers of Amendment 1 drafted their amendment in a way that clearly violated the Missouri Constitution, and we applaud Judge Green’s decision to uphold Missouri’s single subject requirement.”

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