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Missouri Chamber urges Kansas City leaders to select the 
HOMETOWN Team for KCI project

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The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has announced its support for a homegrown proposal to build a state-of-the-art airport terminal at the Kansas City International Airport. As city leaders review the plans before them, the Missouri Chamber urges them to select the innovative, privately-financed plan spearheaded by Burns & McDonnell and including several other important Missouri employers. This coalition has dubbed themselves the KCI HOMETOWN Team.

The Missouri Chamber’s support comes as leaders in the state’s business community have expressed concerns about Missouri’s transportation infrastructure. A Gallup survey of Missouri business leaders revealed that only 37 percent are satisfied with the state’s basic infrastructure, including the infrastructure that supports air travel. Results like this influenced the Missouri Chamber to make Connecting through Infrastructure one of the four core drivers of a comprehensive strategic plan called Missouri 2030: An Agenda for Growth.

“Kansas City cannot afford to miss this opportunity. This coalition led by Burns & McDonnell has put together a privately-financed proposal that will modernize the city’s airport while utilizing local talent and labor in a way that will provide a lasting jolt to the state’s economy. Burns & McDonnell and their HOMETOWN Team constitute a world-class partnership with ample experience and expertise needed to make this project a success. This coalition is inspired by a passion for this project and for the future of Kansas City,” said Daniel P. Mehan, Missouri Chamber president and CEO. “Beyond the construction phase, having a modern Burns & McDonnell-designed terminal at KCI will help Missouri attract economic investment. Air connectivity is an increasingly important factor in development decisions. A new privately-financed terminal in Kansas City will help bring more connections to our state and enhance our ability to compete globally for investment opportunities.”

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