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Missouri Chamber urges Gov. Parson to sign business community’s priority bills

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The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has written to Gov. Mike Parson, formally requesting his signature on bills that will bolster the business community, improve workforce development and fuel the state’s economic recovery.

According to Missouri law, the governor has 45 days to act on bills sent to his desk when the legislature has adjourned. As governor, Parson has a variety of actions available to him for each bill: sign it into law, veto it or take no action, resulting in the bill becoming law by default after the deadline has passed. In a bill that appropriates funding, he may also veto specific line items.

The measures the Missouri Chamber urged Gov. Parson to sign include:

  • Senate Bill 51, the business community’s top legislative priority, which will ensure that employers cannot be dragged into court over opportunistic COVID-19 exposure claims.
  • Senate Bill 262, a historic $500 million annual investment into Missouri’s crumbling roads and bridges.
  • Senate Bill 153, which contains the “Wayfair fix” language to create long-sought sales tax fairness for local retailers.
  • House Bill 297, which will help secure our position as a national leader in apprenticeship as a career training pathway and help prepare our high school students for in-demand careers.
  • House Bill 734, which includes multiple energy-related measures that will help modernize our grid, provide greater consumer choice and help keep these services affordable in the long term.
  • Senate Bill 44, which will allow water and wastewater management providers to upgrade and repair systems proactively, ultimately saving ratepayers money.
  • Senate Bill 63, which establishes a statewide prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) to help combat the opioid epidemic and associated rising health care costs for employers.

The Missouri Chamber is in strong support of these bills, which are all timely solutions to employers’ concerns as we work to reopen businesses across the state and revitalize our economy. The business community is grateful for lawmakers’ focus on these pressing issues during the 2021 Session and looks forward to seeing the bills signed into law in the coming weeks.

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