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Missouri Chamber unveils statewide internship effort

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During the 2018 Missouri Business Awards in Kansas City, Missouri Chamber President and CEO Dan Mehan revealed that a new statewide internship effort would launch soon.

The Missouri Chamber is preparing to launch a new service called Missouri Intern Connect.

“When we started Missouri 2030, our research revealed that Missouri is losing our young workers. When it comes to young workers, right now our state actually has negative population growth. We have to turn this around,” said Mehan. “Missouri Intern Connect will help.”

Missouri Intern Connect is an online platform will link young Missourians with internship opportunities. It’s based on a very successful program currently running in Indiana.

The goal of Missouri Intern Connect is to give young people a connection to employers. These connections will then lead to job opportunities and provide a powerful incentive to stay in Missouri.

“We want more businesses to offer internships and we want more students and young Missourians to have internship opportunities in our state,” Mehan told the audience at the Missouri Business Awards. “We want everyone here tonight to help us make Missouri Intern Connect a success. Once it launches, please utilize this tool and help us connect young people with opportunities in your organizations.”

Watch for more information about how to participate in Missouri Intern Connect coming in the near future.

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