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Missouri Chamber successfully advocates against detrimental redefinition of Metropolitan Statistical Areas

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The Missouri Chamber has successfully opposed a federal proposal to redefine the population designation for a metropolitan statistical area (MSA) from a minimum of 50,000 to 100,000. If implemented, this change would have been detrimental to the economic health of the state.

In March the Missouri Chamber submitted a letter in opposition to the change. Gov. Mike Parson and Missouri’s congressional delegates voiced their opposition as well, amid widespread national outcry.

In response, the federal Office of Management and Budget on July 13 announced they will maintain the current standards on federal support for our rural communities.

This proposed recommendation could have potentially reclassified four MSAs in Missouri. Doing so would hurt our state’s economic and workforce development opportunities and pandemic recovery efforts, since many grant programs and site selections are predicated on MSA designations of communities. It would also have made it harder for Missouri’s businesses to recruit and retain talent in impacted regions.

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