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Missouri Chamber Reports Lawmakers’ Grades From 2018 Legislative Session

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The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has released its 2018 Legislative Vote Ratings. This annual ranking provides the business community with a measure of how lawmakers voted on a comprehensive list of important business issues in the regular 2018 Legislative Session.

To compile this tool, the Missouri Chamber selected the most critical votes of the legislative session, weighed the votes based on their importance to Missouri employers and established a rating for each Missouri legislator. The bills were chosen based on the Missouri Chamber’s legislative priorities, which were set by policy councils made up of business owners and executives from around the state and were then approved by the organization’s board of directors.

The votes cover a variety of issues, including education, tort reform, economic development, tax, labor policy, unemployment compensation and infrastructure.

“There were many important votes cast in the 2018 Legislative Session, providing lawmakers with a clear choice between supporting employers and job creation or not. These rankings give us a strong tool to delineate which legislators are committed to protecting Missouri’s business climate and which are working against that goal,” said Daniel P. Mehan, Missouri Chamber president and CEO. “We urge employers to use this information to talk with their local legislators about their votes and why their positions on these business issues are so critical to the economic health of Missouri. Most importantly, we hope they will use these ratings as a guide when visiting the ballot box on November 6.”

Fifty-seven legislators demonstrated strong support for the business community, earning a rating of 90 percent or above for 2018. Of those, seven senators and 16 representatives earned a 100 percent rating, voting in support of Missouri employers in every case.

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