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Missouri Chamber praises Gov. Parson’s vaccination incentive plan

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Today the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry praised Gov. Mike Parson’s announcement of a new incentive plan to encourage Missourians to get vaccinated.

“We applaud Gov. Parson for adding this incentive program to the ongoing coronavirus response efforts — we need to be using all the tools at our disposal to promote these safe, effective vaccines. The Missouri Chamber also looks forward to working with DHSS Director Donald Kauerauf as we continue to lead our state’s business community in doing our part to combat COVID-19 and the Delta variant,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber. “The health of our population — and the health of our economy — is currently hanging in the balance, and increasing Missouri’s vaccination rate is the number one action we can take to continue on the path to recovery.”

Donald Kauerauf, a former assistant director for the Illinois Department of Public Health with several decades of experience serving in government roles, was announced as Missouri’s new state health director on July 21.

As the state’s largest employer association, the Missouri Chamber is leveraging the business community to help in the important work to get more Missourians vaccinated. The Missouri Chamber recently launched a new campaign to recognize Missouri workplaces that are leading the fight against COVID-19. The COVID Stops Here campaign celebrates Missouri employers that have achieved widespread vaccination among their staff members.

Organizations that have achieved at least a 70% vaccination rate are eligible to receive a COVID Stops Here designation. The Missouri Chamber developed the campaign as a way to highlight workplaces that are leading the fight to stop COVID-19 — and to encourage more organizations to join their ranks.

Missouri employers can visit mochamber.com/CovidStopsHere to apply for a designation. Employers with at least 70% of their staff members fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be approved for a designation and will receive materials to help celebrate their vaccination status. The website also includes resources for employers who are still working to achieve widespread vaccination among their staff members.

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