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Missouri Chamber honors two lawmakers with 2018 Freshman of the Year awards

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The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry will recognize Sen. Denny Hoskins and Rep. Cody Smith with 2018 Legislative Freshman of the Year awards. The awards will be presented at the Missouri Chamber’s annual Missouri Business Awards, held in Kansas City on Nov. 15.

The Freshman of the Year award honors lawmakers who have quickly become prominent voices in the Missouri Capitol. Their success as freshmen legislators is a clear sign that they will be strong leaders in the General Assembly for years to come.

Sen. Hoskins passed several bills in 2018. The most notable is Senate Bill 608, which changes liability that businesses can face for criminal acts performed by third parties on their business premises. This bill will only apply liability to a business if the business owners had knowledge of the potential wrongdoing of the third party and could have acted to prevent it. In addition, Hoskins worked to clarify how certain industries are taxed. That legislation settles muddied case law and allows businesses to better plan for their tax and regulatory burdens. Hoskins has also shown support for tort reform and labor reform. Finally, as a veteran, he has worked hard on veterans’ issues, which are critical components of addressing our state’s workforce needs. Hoskins received a 100 percent vote rating with the Missouri Chamber this session.

Rep. Cody Smith was first elected in 2016. This summer, he was appointed Vice-Chairman of the House Budget Committee, where he will continue his diligent work of crafting Missouri’s nearly $30 billion budget with his colleagues. In this important role, Smith will be busy throughout the year making the tough decisions to put Missouri on the path to prosperity. In addition to his responsibilities on the Budget Committee, Smith has been a consistent supporter of the business community. He has supported freedom to work, the numerous civil justice reforms that have been passed by the House, and lowering the tax burden for businesses. Recognizing the need to better prepare Missouri’s workforce for the jobs of the future, Smith has also supported several Chamber-backed bills that will ensure our state’s workforce is ready to fill the jobs that employers have available.

“Senator Hoskins’ work was instrumental to passing the Business Premises Safety Act and important clarifications to tax law. His commitment to legal and labor reforms as well as veterans’ issues reveals his potential as a valuable pro-business voice in in future sessions. Representative Smith has tackled complex budgeting tasks and was elevated to the important role as Vice-Chairman of the House Budget Committee earlier this year. In addition, he has shown himself to be a strong supporter of the priorities that matter to Missouri employers,” said Daniel P. Mehan, Missouri Chamber president and CEO. “We thank them both for their dedication to growing Missouri’s economy and look forward to working with them for years to come.”

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