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Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry urges approval of Grain Belt Express Transmission Line

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The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry today endorsed the Grain Belt Express Clean Line, citing the economic benefits the transmission line project will have on the state. The Missouri Chamber urges the Missouri Public Service Commission to approve the project.

The Grain Belt Express Clean Line is an overhead power line that will deliver wind energy to Missouri. Earlier this month, a group of 67 Missouri municipal utilities agreed to purchase long-term transmission service on the Grain Belt Express. The agreement is expected to save municipal ratepayers at least $10 million annually, according to an analysis performed by the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission.

“The Missouri Chamber recognizes the positive economic impact that will result from the Grain Belt Express, and urges Missouri regulators to approve this project,” said Daniel Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber. “Clean Line’s $500 million investment in Missouri and delivery of wind power to Missouri homes and businesses will boost our state’s economy and make the state more competitive when attracting new businesses here.

General Cable in Sedalia, Hubbell Power Systems in Centralia and ABB in Jefferson City will source components for the Grain Belt Express project at their facilities throughout the state.

“We are pleased that Clean Line decided to work with Hubbell Power Systems to manufacture the conductor hardware assemblies and polymer insulators for the Grain Belt Express transmission project. New energy infrastructure projects like the Grain Belt Express are critical to our growth in Missouri,” said John Bliven, Business Unit Director, Hubbell Power Systems.

Additionally, PAR Electric, a leading construction company, has been designated as the construction contractor for the Grain Belt Express. PAR Electric, a Kansas City-based company will work to ensure that jobs across the four-state project area are filled by local workers when possible.

Learn more about the Grain Belt Express Clean Line at www.grainbeltexpresscleanline.com.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the largest business association in Missouri. Together, with the Missouri Chamber Federation, the Missouri Chamber represents more than 50,000 employers.


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