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Missouri Chamber challenges California’s false glyphosate warning

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The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has filed a lawsuit against an ill-considered decision by the State of California that poses real harm to the Missouri economy.

The California action relates to the popular herbicide glyphosate. This herbicide is commonly and safely used on farms in Missouri and across the country. However, the State of California is now requiring that when glyphosate is used in food production, food packaging must include a cancer warning.

A coalition of agricultural and business groups from across the country, including the Missouri Chamber, argues that the science does not back up the connection between glyphosate and cancer. In a lawsuit filed today, the coalition argues that the glyphosate warning is unconstitutional and ignores California’s own scientific conclusions and the conclusions of every regulatory body in the world—that glyphosate is safe and not carcinogenic. In fact, a study published this month in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found no association between glyphosate exposure and cancer.

“This lawsuit is very important for Missouri, where farming and food production are a leading industry. Our state is also a global hub for bio science and agriculture technology. This reckless decision by the State of California is nothing less than an attack at the heart of the Missouri economy,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber. “We are asking the courts to side with the scientific consensus and instruct state regulators to stop falsely warning consumers about food production methods that have long been proven to be safe.”

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