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Missouri celebrates National Hire A Veteran Day

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Veterans, business leaders, veteran support groups and government officials gathered at the Carnahan Memorial Garden in Jefferson City on July 25 to celebrate National Hire a Veteran Day.

More than 450,000 veterans call Missouri home. And the best way to honor our veterans, said Col. Grace Link, executive director of the Missouri Veterans Commission, is to hire them.

“Today showcases how special our veterans are to our country and to the great state of Missouri,” Link said. “Every day, hundreds of our military personnel transition from military life to civilian employment, and it’s you employers who are out there who give them the opportunities, which is why we want to say thank you.”

Gov. Mike Parson and Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe presented proclamations officially declaring July 25 as “Hire a Veteran Day” in Missouri.

“Putting veterans to work will make our country, our society, your workforce, your communities better,” said Parson, who served in the U.S. Army for six years early in his career.

Kehoe said the value of hiring employees who are on military reserve outweighs its challenges, citing his own experience as a businessowner.

“You just don’t know how important your role is in helping these families get through these deployments,” Kehoe told employers at the event. “And trust me — as the guy who’s had to backfill for positions when that happens and they get deployed — it’s not that bad, and it’s 100 percent worth it.”

August Nielsen, HR Director of Veterans United Home Loans, discussed the training and experience that makes veterans exceptional employees.

“Recruiting team members with military service is key to our mission,” said Nielsen. “We believe that individuals with military service have learned what it means to be dedicated, to be of service to one another, and to bring both tenacity and a steadfast attitude in all that they do.”

Veterans United Home Loans was honored alongside the Missouri Chamber, Missouri American Water and many other Missouri employers for hiring veterans and working to encourage other businesses to hire veterans.


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