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Missouri 2030 Dashboard data reveals state gaining in several economic areas

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New data from the Missouri 2030 Dashboard reveals Missouri is gaining in several key economic areas including employment growth, startups and graduation rates.

As part of Missouri 2030, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s bold strategic plan for statewide economic growth, the Dashboard is a source for independent and objective data on more than 30 key economic indicators. This interactive online tool tracks Missouri’s progress on improving workforce, competitiveness, infrastructure and overall economic strength to keep stakeholders informed and hold policymakers accountable.


Notable Dashboard findings:

  • Missouri is a leader in the Midwest for employment growth
  • Missouri ranks 3rd nationally in start-up density
  • Missouri’s STEM graduation rate has surpassed the U.S. rate
  • Missouri has seen steady annual increases in high school graduation rates and now ranks in the top 10

With the Missouri 2030 plan, the Missouri Chamber is uniting the business community behind data-driven policy and program recommendations to reposition Missouri as an economic leader. The plan has already sparked long-overdue actions throughout the state and continues to fuel positive change, while setting transparent metrics and benchmarks for progress.

To view more state rankings, progress charts and maps, visit the Dashboard.


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