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Manufacturing Day is growing in Missouri

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The results are in: Missouri’s Manufacturing Day events this year set a new attendance record. This comes as industry and education leaders across the state embrace the program as an avenue to showcase manufacturing careers.

This year, Manufacturing Day was officially held on October 6. However, several Missouri communities chose other days for their events. At least 61 events were held across Missouri.

An analysis by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry shows that K-12 student attendance at Manufacturing Day events across Missouri nearly doubled this year to 5,303. That’s more than a fourfold increase over student attendance in 2015.

The locations of Manufacturing Day events held this year.

While K-12 students comprised the largest portion of Manufacturing Day participants this year at 72 percent, the event also touched several other important demographics. The next biggest group was post secondary students, making up 9 percent of this year’s total attendees. Three other demographic groups (parents, educators and other community members) each accounted for 4-5 percent of the total attendance.

Student attendance is critical to the success of Manufacturing Day. A recent report from the National Association of Manufacturers, which runs Manufacturing Day, showed that nearly 90 percent of the students who attended an event said they became more aware of manufacturing jobs in their communities. The experience left 64 percent of students feeling more motivated to pursue a manufacturing career.

Manufacturing is seeing strong growth in Missouri, with a 2.6 percent increase in jobs this year. That growth is leading to a worker shortage, one which Manufacturing Day is helping to solve.

It’s not too early to begin planning for Manufacturing Day 2018. To learn more, visit mochamber.com/mfgday.



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