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Letter: We urge Gov. Nixon to sign legal reform bills

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In late May, Dan Mehan, President and CEO of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, sent this letter to Gov. Jay Nixon asking him to sign two bills to help improve Missouri’s judicial climate: 

Governor Nixon,

On behalf of Missouri’s business community, I urge you to approve the critical legal reforms included in Senate Bills 591 and 847, which were recently passed by the Missouri General Assembly.

Dan Mehan, Missouri Chamber President and CEO

Dan Mehan, Missouri Chamber President and CEO

Missouri business leaders are deeply concerned about our state’s legal climate. The U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform has ranked Missouri’s legal climate 42 in the nation. The American Tort Reform Association has labeled our state a Judicial Hellhole. These national rankings help illustrate why fewer than one in four Missouri employers said they are satisfied with our state’s litigation climate when surveyed by Gallup as part of our Missouri 2030 strategic planning process.

To put it simply, reform is needed.

The provisions passed by the legislature in Senate Bills 591 and 847 are a strong step in the right direction. Senate Bill 591 would help ensure witnesses who provide expert testimony in Missouri courtrooms have credible standing as experts. Senate Bill 847 would help control the cost of injury lawsuit judgements, ensuring that the judgements awarded to injured plaintiffs don’t include inflated medical costs.

It’s time to begin restoring fairness to Missouri’s court system and to reestablish a system that is no longer biased against employers.

If you have any questions or want to discuss further how these bills would benefit our state’s economy, please contact me: 573.634.3511.


Daniel P. Mehan
President and CEO

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