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Judge hears Missouri Chamber’s challenge to Amendment 1

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On Aug. 31, Judge Green heard the Missouri Chamber’s lawsuit to stop a disingenuous, out-of-state effort to upend Missouri’s political system. If successful, the challenge will remove Amendment 1 from the Nov. 6 statewide ballot. This would spare Missourians from having to decide whether or not to approve this deceptive amendment to the state’s constitution.

Amendment 1 is being touted by its supporters as an effort to improve state government. However, that message is disguising an out-of-state attempt to rewrite Missouri’s constitution and meddle with the rules that govern the balance of power in our state capitol.

If passed, Amendment 1 could lead to a radical shift in priorities in the Missouri General Assembly, opening the door to higher taxes and more bureaucratic regulation. It could also reverse long-running efforts to make our state business-friendly and competitive for growth and investment opportunities.

The Missouri Chamber’s legal challenge focused on how the language of Amendment 1 bundles several different issues into a single ballot item. This is not allowed under the Missouri Constitution. In the past, judges have ordered similarly-drafted amendments to be removed from ballots.

A ruling on the lawsuit is expected within the next few weeks.

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