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House debates bill to rein in prescription drug abuse

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The Missouri House of Representatives has voted in support of a bill to establish a prescription drug monitoring program in Missouri. This long-awaited change would help the state fight prescription drug abuse, an effort supported by Missouri’s business community.

House Bill 90, sponsored by Rep. Holly Rehder, a Republican from Sikeston, would create an electronic database that would track how prescription drugs are prescribed and dispensed. It would give pharmacists and clinicians more information to help stop the practice of pill shopping — where patients visit multiple care givers and pharmacies to acquire large quantities of prescription drugs.

“It’s no secret that prescription drug abuse is a problem in Missouri. It effects individuals, their families and their communities. When drug abuse becomes so prevalent, it also impacts Missouri businesses and our economy. For all of these reasons, Missouri must act now and establish a prescription drug monitoring program,” said Dan Mehan, Missouri Chamber president and CEO. “Creating a prescription drug database is not a new idea. In fact, every other state in the nation already tracks prescription drugs in this way. It’s time for our state to move past our reluctance and finally bring prescription drug monitoring here. We’d like to thank Rep. Rehder for her years of work on this issue.”

The bill needs a final vote in the House before moving to the Senate.

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