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House votes in favor of statewide PDMP

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A bill to establish a statewide prescription drug monitoring program found support in the Missouri House of Representatives on Feb. 6.

Following a lengthy discussion, the House passed House Bill 188 by a vote of 110 to 43.

Missouri is the only state in the nation that lacks a statewide monitoring program, often called a PDMP. This critical tool allows physicians and pharmacists to identify patients who “pill shop,” a practice where people can attain multiple prescriptions from different doctors across a region.

Rep. Holly Rehder, a Republican from Sikeston, is a longtime PDMP proponent and the sponsor of House Bill 188.

“Enabling our physicians, our medical professionals, to understand their patient’s history is vital to being able to prescribe safely,” Rep. Rehder said during a recent interview. “We really have to address the root of this problem which is recognizing addiction on the front end and allowing our medical professionals to handle it from there.”

While PDMP legislation is expected to have stronger support this year than in the past, it’s clear there are still many lawmakers opposed to the legislation.

Rep. Rehder is asking business leaders to contact their elected officials in Jefferson City and share how opioid abuse is impacting their businesses. This grassroots action can help this legislation finally pass this year.

“You’ve got to reach out to your representative, you’ve got to reach out to your senator,” she said. “Tell them the problems you’re experiencing and what is going to help.”

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