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House passes Show Me Rural Jobs Act

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An effort to bolster Missouri’s rural economy has passed the House of Representatives.

Businesses and entrepreneurs in rural communities often find it difficult to get the capital they need to expand their businesses or establish new companies.

To address this problem, the Show Me Rural Jobs Act would create a new state system to channel investment dollars toward business opportunities in rural Missouri.

The act would focus on sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, technology and plant sciences.

jobsbadgeThe Show Me Rural Jobs Act was added as an amendment to Senate Bill 703, which includes several provisions related to agriculture. During this session, the act was sponsored by Sen. Brian Munzlinger and Rep. Craig Redmon in the Senate and House, respectively.

The bill now moves to the Senate, which much sign off on the changes made by the House or request a conference committee where the two sides can negotiate a compromise bill.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry will continue to advocate for the Show Me Rural Jobs Act to pass this session.

“There are great job-creation ideas in every corner of Missouri. But as it stands, entrepreneurs in certain parts of the state are disadvantaged when it comes to securing financing,” said Tracy King, vice president of governmental affairs. “The Show Me Rural Jobs Act could truly be a game-changer for rural Missouri. I’d like to thank the House for passing this bill and I’d urge the Senate to quickly approve it as well.”

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