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House passes premises safety act; Senate committee passes HB 2119, HB 1611

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The legislature continues their focus on legal reform, moving three bills forward that aim to bring more fairness to Missouri courts.

SB 608, the Business Premises Safety Act, passed the House on April 24. Under this bill a business is only responsible for guarding against crimes on its property when it knows or has reason to know a crime is being committed or about to be committed in a particular area, and if there is enough time to prevent it.

On April 25, HB 2119 was passed by the Senate Committee on Government Reform. The bill only allows punitive damages in cases where there is clear and convincing evidence of harm without just cause or excuse and a court determines punitive damages may be appropriate. This addresses a problem in Missouri where the possibility of punitive damages is being used to get companies to agree to higher settlement amounts.

The Senate committee also passed HB 1611. This bill modifies Missouri’s statute of repose laws, giving a plaintiff who has been injured by a product 15 years to file a lawsuit and seek damages.

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