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Expert witness reforms pass General Assembly

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In an effort to improve Missouri’s litigation climate, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has made expert witness reform a priority during this legislative session.

Toward that goal, the Missouri General Assembly has passed Senate Bill 591, which would help ensure the credibility of the people who testify as experts in Missouri legal proceedings.

jobsbadgeThe bill, sponsored by Sen. Mike Parson, a Republican from Bolivar, would require that people who testify as expert witnesses must actually have expert knowledge of the topic.

The bill would provide the same high standards for trial evidence that is required in federal courts and many other states. Called the Daubert standard, it ensures that only evidence deemed relevant, reliable and provided by qualified individuals will be admitted as expert testimony.

Vocal support from business community members helped this bill advance through the General Assembly. Now it requires a signature from Gov. Jay Nixon to become law.

For more information, contact Brian Bunten, Missouri Chamber general counsel and director of legislative affairs, at bbunten@mochamber.com, or by phone at 573.634.3511.

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