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Engage your community on Manufacturing Day — Oct. 7

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Manufacturing Day is an annual celebration of the amazing contributions that Missouri manufacturers make to our state. It’s a chance to showcase what happens inside our state’s production facilities and inspire our young people to consider manufacturing as a career.

MFD_Logo_nodate_2015_R_ColorManufacturing Day is a program operated by the National Association of Manufacturers and facilitated in our state by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

This year, Manufacturing Day will take place on Friday, Oct. 7.

Local and regional chambers of commerce across Missouri play a critical role in making this event a special day in their communities. Please consider joining these dozens of other locations around Missouri by hosting an informative, fun Manufacturing Day in your community.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Determine where to have your event. Typically, these are held at a local manufacturing facility. Sometimes, several manufacturers will work together on an event.
  2. Log your event on www.MFGday.com to help promote your event and encourage community involvement.
  3. Review tips for the event including how to create signage, scripting and displays. These tips can be found in the Host Toolkits on the MFG Day website.
  4. Seek support from stakeholders such as civic leaders workforce development offices and media outlets.
  5. Develop messaging and communicate to key manufacturing stakeholders, school groups and civic leaders.
  6. Invite student groups to visit your MFG Day event.
  7. Invite local media outlets to report live, as well as interview attendees and manufacturers during your event.
  8. Host the event.
  9. Promote your event and use these social media handles to connect with the broader MFG Day community: @Missouri Chamber, @MFGDay, #MFGday16
  10. Follow up with thank you notes to all event hosts and attendees.

You should also watch this video about hosting an MFG Day event:

For additional help, contact Brian Crouse, vice president of education at the Missouri Chamber, at bcrouse@mochamber.com or 573.634.3511.

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