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COVID litigation: Employers may consider posting a public notice

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An important law protecting employers from frivolous COVID-19 litigation was recently enacted in Missouri.

The legislation, which was championed by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, included a provision giving employers the option to post a notification in a visible location about the new law.

The law does not require that businesses post the notification. However, some businesses may choose to post it to help reduce the risk of lawsuits associated with exposure claims.

The Missouri Chamber has created a printable poster for employers to consider using. Download it here.

If you would like to create your own notification for your workplace, the law stipulates the following language should be used:

Under Missouri law, any individual entering the premises or engaging the services of the business waives all civil liability against the individual or entity for any damages based on inherent risks associated with an exposure or potential exposure to COVID-19, except for recklessness or willful misconduct. 


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