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Circuit Judge rules against Missouri Chamber in business PAC lawsuit

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Cole County Circuit Judge Patricia Joyce has ruled against the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a lawsuit over whether businesses could fund their own political action committees.

In September, the Missouri Chamber filed the lawsuit arguing that an advisory position by the Missouri Ethics Commission was putting Missouri businesses in a contradictory situation — businesses could set up political action committees but they were barred from putting any money into them. The situation stems from language included in Amendment 2 passed by voters in 2016.

The decision by Judge Joyce means Missouri businesses will still be unable to contribute to their own political action committees.

“We feel the judge ruled incorrectly in this case. This decision prolongs a confusing situation for employers across Missouri that want to be engaged in the political process. We are left with regulations that give an employer the ability to establish a political action committee but then forbid the company from placing funds into it,” said Daniel P. Mehan, Missouri Chamber president and CEO. “We are reviewing all our options as we move forward to ensure Missouri businesses have clear, commonsense ethics standards to follow.”

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