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August 28: Pro-business legislation becomes law

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Several important bills passed by the Missouri General Assembly and signed by Governor Mike Parson are now law in the state of Missouri. The legislation officially took effect on August 28, meaning that the state is now starting to benefit from important new laws to help spur our economic recovery.

Missouri’s new laws include:

  • A major reform to the state’s legal climate that stops the abuse of the Missouri’s punitive damage system. Before today, punitive damages were often used to pressure businesses into agreeing to windfall-sized payouts. But this law stops this abuse and brings more fairness to our court system. The law also reforms the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act. Learn more. Missouri attorneys are also encouraged to register for our free webinar on Sept. 3 to learn more about this new law.
  • An effort to create more flexibility in the state’s workforce and enable greater career mobility. House Bill 2046 changes the state’s occupational licensing laws, allowing skilled professionals who are already licensed in another state to come to Missouri and enter the workforce. In addition, the law enhances apprenticeships in the state by making it possible for apprentices to obtain industry licenses as part of an apprenticeship. Learn more.
  • A law to help expand broadband access by extending the state’s broadband grant program through 2027. The law also enables the state to retain any federal dollars it receives for building out rural broadband if a particular provider is unable to fulfill its commitment to utilize those funds. Learn more.
  • A law to help update the state’s natural gas infrastructure to ensure continued safe, reliable delivery of natural gas. Learn more.

“While it has been a challenging year to say the least, these new laws will help Missouri get ahead of the curve as the national economy recovers from the current crisis,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “We encourage business leaders and all Missourians to learn more about the laws going into effect today. We also need to show a tremendous amount of gratitude to our lawmakers and Gov. Parson who worked to pass these laws under difficult conditions to ensure the 2020 session was a success. Thanks to their efforts our state is now in better shape to weather this crisis and come out strong.”

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