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Action Alert: Ask your state senator to stop venue abuse

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In 2005, the Missouri legislature passed legislation to curb litigation abuses of plaintiff lawyers who would shop around to find the most sympathetic courtrooms that would end in bigger judgments.

Plaintiff lawyers are now abusing a process known as joinder to get around the 2005 reforms so they can file their lawsuits and bring defendants from all over Missouri into St. Louis where plaintiffs get bigger judgments by friendly juries. Trial lawyers seeking to cash in on the pro-plaintiff St. Louis courts are ruining Missouri’s pro-business environment by joining plaintiffs and defendants into St. Louis, even if there is no connection to the City for the business or plaintiff.

This is not about taking away an injured party’s right to sue or taking away anyone’s right to sue a large company in Missouri.   This is about making sure that those lawsuits are brought in the appropriate county, which is only fair.

We are asking you to please contact your state senator and ask for action on Senate Bill 546, sponsored by Sen. Brian Munzlinger.

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