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More than 50 events planned in Missouri to celebrate 
Manufacturing Day 2016, #MFGday16

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Communities across Missouri are gearing up to celebrate one of our most important industries. On Manufacturing Day, dozens of Missouri factories will open their doors and welcome their communities for tours. The goal is to showcase how manufacturing has transformed into a modern, high-tech industry and to inspire young Missourians to pursue careers in this industry.

There are 53 events scheduled across Missouri for Manufacturing Day. See the full list. Most of the events will take place on Friday, Oct. 7. Some communities have chosen to host their Manufacturing Day events on other days.

workforcebadge“Despite what you may have heard, manufacturing remains strong in Missouri and we expect continuing growth in production. That’s a very good thing because in many Missouri communities factories are the foundation of the local economy,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “However, as manufacturing has become more high-tech, there’s a greater need for skilled workers in this industry. Manufacturing Day is a great way to inspire Missourians to think about manufacturing careers.”

Manufacturing Day is a national program created by the National Association of Manufacturers. The event is promoted in Missouri by the Missouri Chamber. The day also serves as a kickoff for the Missouri Chamber’s second annual Show-Me Manufacturing video contest. This contest invites students in several Missouri communities to visit local manufacturing facilities and create videos that answer that question: “What’s so cool about manufacturing?” Click here to learn more about the Missouri Chamber’s efforts to bridge the gap between the manufacturing industry and Missouri students.

Watch highlights from Manufacturing Day 2015:

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