January 25, 2018 Less than a minute read

AG Hawley releases training videos to help businesses fight human trafficking

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley has released a series of videos to help businesses and their employees join the fight against human trafficking in Missouri.

The videos, available here, describe how to identify human trafficking and show what people should do if they see signs of human trafficking.

These new videos are an important part of the work of a business coalition formed in October to help fight this problem. The group is working to make training about human trafficking more accessible, especially for workers in industries most likely to encounter trafficking situations.

The goal is to empower Missouri citizens in all types of professions to monitor and respond if they identify a potential trafficking situation.

The training is available online in two formats: a four-part series of short videos or a single 30-minute video.

“This council allows Missouri’s businesses to lead on one of the most important issues facing our State today,” Hawley said. “We must all work together if we hope to rid Missouri of this modern-day slavery.”

Hawley announced the formation of this effort in October during a press conference at the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“We focus on uniting the business community behind a common message and this is one we need to unite behind,” said Dan Mehan. “At the end of the day, if you look at Missouri 2030 and our goals for the future, it’s about making our quality of life better in Missouri for all Missourians. So we are thrilled to join this program.”

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