Get started with the Chamber Benefit Plan

small business owner standing at doorway

With all the options out there, who can your small business trust to provide cost-saving health benefits that your employees will love?

Don’t leave your benefits to just anyone — Trust Your Chamber.

The Chamber Benefit Plan is brought to you by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Missouri Chamber Federation, a coalition of nearly 200 local chambers of commerce from across Missouri.

Our innovative plan uses a multiple employer welfare arrangement model to enable smaller employers to join together and share in the overall claims risk by being part of a larger self-funded pool.

If your business has 2-50 employees, please contact one of our many brokers to learn how this new health care model could make a difference for your business.


The best way to get started with the Chamber Benefit Plan is to contact one of our knowledgeable brokers. The Chamber Benefit Plan is divided into two regions. To see a list of brokers that serve your region, click the link for your location.


For more information and resources, contact Tammy Long at or by phone at (573) 634-3511.

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