Don’t pay more for office supplies. The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry can help grow your bottom line by cutting hundreds of dollars in expenses. This pricing program is specifically tailored by Office Depot to support Chambers of Commerce members.

We are part of a group of over 1,500 chambers of commerce that get the best pricing possible on the items you use the most from Office Depot/Office Max.

Office Depot Chamber Member Pricing:

  •  15–55% less than market price on 350 items on the office supply core list
  • 5–55% less than market price on the 500-item cleaning and break room core list
  •  3–30% less than market-price on technology solutions core list
  •  5–15% less than market price on over 50,000 non-core items
  • Special pricing on copy and print services:
    • 2.5¢ black-and-white copies
    • 24¢ color copies
    • 40% off finishing services
  • Free next day delivery on orders over $50*

By participating in the Office Depot program, Missouri Chamber members save, on average, $54 per office employee. That means an office of 15 employees will save more than $800 a year!