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Fixing Missouri’s reputation as the “Sue-Me State” by ending slack-fill lawsuits

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Missouri is a battleground for many types of frivolous lawsuits. One of these in particular is the focus of legal reform bill SB 746.

This bill would curb lawsuits involving slack-fill, the empty space included in some product packaging to prevent damage during shipping and storing. These class action lawsuits typically allege that a package does not contain enough of the product inside.

Such cases continue to be filed in Missouri — and eat up valuable court time and resources in our state’s taxpayer-funded judicial system — despite the fact that food package labeling includes the contents’ weight or quantity, making it implausible for a reasonable consumer to claim they were tricked by the shape or size of the container.

Bill sponsor Sen. Eric Burlison (R-Republic), a 2019 Missouri Chamber Business Champion, brought SB 746 before a Senate committee on March 10.

Ending slack-fill lawsuits in Missouri would free up more court resources for legitimate cases. Passing this bill would also help keep product prices low for all consumers across the state because businesses would no longer have to fund costly legal defenses against these ludicrous class action lawsuits.

The Missouri Chamber is leading efforts to pass several important legal reforms this legislative session, including this one.

“Slack-fill cases against businesses selling clearly-labeled products should have no place in Missouri courtrooms,” said Matt Panik, Missouri Chamber vice president of governmental affairs.

The Missouri Chamber is also supporting Senate Bill 591, a bill that includes fixes to several more legal reform issues that are harming our state’s reputation for jobs and business investment.

Click here to ask your legislators to support legal reform and stop job-crushing lawsuits.

Questions about slack-fill cases or other legal reform issues? Contact Panik at mpanik@mochamber.com or (573) 634-3511.


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