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Why Join the Missouri Chamber?

Power in Numbers

When you join the Missouri Chamber, you are adding your voice to more than 75,000 Missouri employers who make up our membership. Protecting entrepreneurs and employers from bureaucratic red tape, frivolous lawsuits, escalating health and workers’ comp rates, and other attacks from those seeking to increase your costs is a full-time effort requiring significant resources. That’s why we fight hard for you at the Capitol in Jefferson City, preserving your right to manage effectively and control costs to your business.

Your membership commitment, along with thousands of other concerned business leaders, provides the chamber with necessary resources to get the job done.
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Legislative Clout

The Missouri Chamber’s lobbyists champion member business interests, working against legislation that is anti-business and strongly supporting pro-business regulatory and legislative issues. No other pro-business organization can match the Missouri Chamber’s aggressive, professional lobbying team. The Missouri Chamber testifies on more issues, more often, than any other business organization in the state. And we get results.
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As a Missouri Chamber member, you have access to a wide array of communications and informational materials to help your company compete. Missouri Business is our awarding-winning magazine. Missouri Business Direct is an electronic newsletter that provides state and federal updates. When important business issues are debated in the Capitol, members are also sent alerts to help them engage in the legislative process.

Legislative Tracking System

In the Legislative Action section of our website, you will find the Missouri Chamber’s legislative positions, as well as information updated daily on the various bills we are tracking. Most importantly, you can use this tool to find your elected representatives, review their support of business-related bills and give lawmakers your immediate response to their actions.

Educational Seminars

Our seminars protect the profitability of members by providing practical information on compliance with state and federal laws. The Missouri Chamber’s seminar series features the hot topics of the day, presented by top experts. These topics cover a wide range, including tax law, OSHA issues, environmental law, transportation policy, campaign finance, and much more.
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We also provide a wide array of one-on-one training opportunities with on staff experts in the areas of health care, business growth and succession planning, financial and accounting procedures, and much more. Through our partnership with the Small Business Development and Technology Centers, you have direct access to a statewide network of business experts to help your organization grow.

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To speak with a membership representative, please call (573) 634-3511.