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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between my local chamber and the Missouri Chamber?

Your local chamber works hard to open business opportunities in your community and your investment in your local chamber is as important as paying your electric bill or even your rent. While local chambers play a very active and important role in enhancing your local community, the state chamber aggressively acts on state legislation and regulation which, if left unchecked, has a devastating effect on your right to run a profitable business, free from government intervention and red-tape. We strongly suggest supporting both your local chamber and your state chamber.
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What types of companies join the Missouri Chamber?

The Missouri Chamber’s unmatched strength is largely based on those we represent. Our membership consists of large and small companies, from manufacturing to real estate, to retail and service firms. Quite simply, we represent a diverse business community that gives the Missouri Chamber excellent credibility when championing business issues at the Capitol. By being so diverse, legislators and regulators understand our positions are responsible, and represent the business community as a whole, not merely the apparent special interests of one industry.
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What makes the Missouri Chamber the best business association?

Since our founding in 1921, the Missouri Chamber has been Missouri’s leading business advocate. No other pro-business organization can match the Missouri Chamber’s aggressive, professional lobbying team. The Missouri Chamber testifies on more issues, more often, than any other business organization in the state. And we get results.
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How are the Missouri Chamber’s legislative and regulatory priorities achieved?

As a truly member-driven organization, our priorities are set by our members. The Missouri Chamber seeks input from our members and surveys our membership to determine our priorities. Our policies are recognized by most legislators as the official agenda of the business community.


Doesn’t my trade association membership give me enough protection?

Joining your trade association is one of the smartest business decisions you can make. Your trade association informs and represents you best on issues that only impact your industry. In addition to your industry issues, you also need a strong ally to fight for you in other important areas such as health care and workers’ comp insurance, legal reform, education and workforce development, taxation, permitting, international trade, state transportation funding, restrictive employment laws, and more. We strongly recommend supporting both your trade association and your state chamber.


How much time do I have to invest as a Missouri Chamber member?

Missouri Chamber membership takes as much or as little time as you want it to. Many of our members don’t have even 10 minutes to spend away from their main responsibility — running a profitable business. Some members, on the other hand, choose to participate in the legislative process by serving on our committees and task forces, helping to shape the legislation that comes out of Jefferson City.

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To speak with a membership representative, please call (573) 634-3511.