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Water infrastructure upgrade bill passes committee

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A Senate committee has given the thumbs-up to a bill that would help our state’s aging water and sewer systems to be upgraded and repaired in a proactive manner, ensuring these vital services will continue to be able to meet the needs of businesses and residents.

Senate Bill 44 is sponsored by Sen. Bill White. It now awaits debate on the Senate floor before it can proceed to the House.

Missouri Chamber Director of Legislative Affairs Kara Corches testified in support of the bill.

“We have longstanding policy that we support upgrading aging infrastructure systems while also ensuring that rates remain both predictable and affordable for customers,” said Corches. “We think that this bill does that and we certainly recognize the advantage of having both reliable and affordable water and energy systems overall in the state in both retaining our businesses and residents as well as attracting new ones.”

Meanwhile, a House version of the bill (House Bill 397 sponsored by Rep. Wayne Wallingford) was given a committee hearing this week. It will still require a vote to move forward.

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