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Senate Bill 68: It’s time for a vote

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The following is a statement from Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Enough is enough. It’s time for a vote. The Missouri Legislature must get past the obstruction in the Senate and pass Senate Bill 68. The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry strongly supports Senate Bill 68 as the only bill under consideration with the right mix of economic development tools to enable the General Motors expansion in Wentzville while addressing two of the biggest issues facing our state’s entire business community: workforce preparation and economic competitiveness.

The legislation addresses the reality that GM and all Missouri employers need a long-term solution to our workforce skills gap. Fast Track, a program included in Senate Bill 68, is that solution. The Fast Track program will help Missouri workers get the skills they need for careers in high demand fields. This will add to the potential pool of talent that businesses need to fill open jobs. In addition, the deal closing fund included in Senate Bill 68 is essential to Missouri’s ability to compete for important business investment opportunities now and in the future.

Some lawmakers are proposing an alternative bill with fewer provisions and an insufficient vision for what Missouri needs to do in 2019 to be competitive. This bill is inadequate. It does not get the job done to attract the GM investment and it does not get the job done for Missouri employers.

This is the last week of the legislative session. Our Senators cannot waste this critical time spending hours on end reading books and articles on the Senate floor. Missourians expect more. We need our legislators to be bold, do their jobs, vote on this issue and then continue work on the numerous other legislative priorities that still demand attention.

There is still time for the 2019 Legislative Session to be a historic year of progress. We urge the Senate to pass Senate Bill 68 to ensure Missouri remains competitive for job creation and business expansion.

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