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Economic development and workforce efforts have taken on an inspiring tone in recent years as Missourians have rallied around the leadership of Gov. Mike Parson and the mantras of becoming “Best in Midwest” and building our “Talent for Tomorrow.”

In 2019, the Missouri General Assembly turned those ideas into action, passing transformative legislation that aligns with the Missouri 2030 strategic plan and sends a message that Missouri is taking bold action to overhaul our economy.

Our work this year is telling the world that:

Gov. Mike Parson

  • Missouri is nimble — There were few days left on the legislative calendar when news broke that General Motors was considering a major expansion in the state. Gov. Mike Parson and our pro-business legislature made it a priority to pass a package to help enable the expansion. These leaders withstood an effort to derail their work and passed it with days to spare.
  • Missouri is bold — Our state is not afraid to make big changes in order to advance our economy. This year, state government has undergone a forward-looking restructuring while new legislation will radically modernize our workforce training and incentive efforts via the Fast Track and One Start programs.
  • Missouri solves problems — Following the defeat of a fuel tax last November, few people envisioned new transportation revenue was forthcoming in 2019. Yet, Gov. Parson and legislative leaders found a path forward for Missouri to begin addressing our road system’s most pressing issues. We anticipate the funding proposal will pass before the end of session.
  • Missouri perseveres — Reforming Missouri’s legal climate has been a long-running challenge fraught with setbacks. However, proponents never gave up and this year won their biggest-yet achievement with the passage of venue and joinder reform.

“People are taking notice of the progress happening in Missouri. Under Gov. Mike Parson and with Missouri 2030, business and government are on the same page and working toward the same goals. We are trending in the right direction in the economic rankings and leading in small business wage growth. We have positive momentum on our side. This was exactly what we set out to do when we established our Missouri 2030 strategic initiative and it is promising to see the vision we created beginning to become reality,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “Gov. Parson deserves a tremendous amount of credit for the leadership he demonstrated this session. He laid out an aggressive agenda early in session and took a hands-on approach in the legislature to help it clear serious obstacles. He never backed down, he never wavered and the Missouri business community applauds Gov. Parson for his leadership this session.”

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