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Nearly two thirds support stopping COVID-19 lawsuits

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A new poll shows strong support for enacting limits on speculative lawsuits hoping to cash in on the COVID-19 crisis.

According to the poll, nearly two-thirds of Americans agree that companies should be protected from lawsuits related to coronavirus exposure. Only 27% of Americans oppose taking steps to stop these lawsuits. The poll was conducted in late April for the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform.

When the poll went into specific lawsuit scenarios, the support rose even higher. For example:

  • 84% of Americans want to protect essential businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies from lawsuits over COVID-19 exposure.
  • 82% want to shield restaurants, stores and other businesses that were allowed to stay open from suits that claim people contracted coronavirus there.
  • 75% percent support protecting manufacturers of hand sanitizer, soap and other cleaning supplies.
  • 74% say businesses should not be sued if they ask sick employees with coronavirus symptoms to go home.
  • 62% want to protect companies that give the federal government health information about employees that have coronavirus.

The poll showed support across the political spectrum, with Democrats, Republicans and independents all agreeing that action must be taken against these lawsuits.

The results are national in scope and revolve around whether the U.S. Congress should act to prevent this threat.

Meanwhile, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is advocating that the Missouri General Assembly combat this problem before the 2020 Legislative Session adjourns on May 15.

For more information, read Missouri Chamber President and CEO Dan Mehan’s recent editorial on this topic.

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