#BuyMO to help struggling local businesses

As more and more Missourians practice social distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, small businesses are feeling the pinch.

There are several ways you can continue to support local businesses during this time. Above all, be mindful that the best way you can serve your community in this pandemic if you’re feeling sick is to stay at home and avoid contact with others. 

However, we encourage Missourians to safely patronize their local businesses and the workers they employ — here are some ideas.

  • Buy gift cards to use at a later date
  • E-shop locally — many small businesses have some merchandise available online
  • If you’re receiving a refund for a cancelled local event, consider donating it back
  • Reschedule events or appointments instead of cancelling
  • Order delivery or curbside takeout from local restaurants
  • Be generous with tips
  • Spread the word if you’re stuck at home — go online and leave a good review for a local business
  • Visit your favorite local businesses’ social media pages to check if they are sharing specific ways patrons can help support them


Local businesses can also use the hashtags #BuyMO on social media.


The Missouri Chamber is working to support businesses during this time of economic hardship. If your business is suddenly struggling due to coronavirus and social distancing, please fill out the form below. Please include ways that consumers can support your business while still staying safe and helping prevent the spread of the disease (i.e. buying gift cards or ordering online).

The Missouri Chamber will use these stories to help promote ways consumers can patronize Missouri businesses during this time. Let’s work together and help keep Missouri in business!

Small Business Questionnaire

  • If you would like your business tagged on social media, please add any social media handles your business has — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

You can also visit buymissouri.net, a statewide program highlighting Missouri businesses. This initiative was launched by Gov. Mike Parson during his time as lieutenant governor and is now led by Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe. Local business owners can sign up to be placed on the directory, and consumers can use the search feature to discover new local businesses in their county.

If your company needs more information about the response to coronavirus, use our resources page.