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FAQs about Biz Liftoff
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What browser should I use?

The application is optimized for either Internet Explorer© 8.0 or higher or Firefox© 3.6 or higher. Click Internet Explorer or Firefox if you need to download a more optimal browser.

What does the application do?

This application gives you a framework around which you can build your business. Through an easy-to-follow question and answer process, you’ll consider every aspect of taking your business from the idea stage to opening day – including any and all costs.

Does it take the place of a business plan?

For certain businesses, it may. But this application was designed to enhance your business plan by providing a much higher level of detail on the numbers side. It will also help you evaluate the viability of the business before you spend a lot of time, energy and money in putting together a complete plan.

Is it easy to use?

Very! The application takes you through the process, step-by-step, one small section at a time. All it does is ask questions. You simply provide the answers. It’s easy because it’s designed to take the stress out of working out the details. It walks you through how to pull the information together; then, it puts the information all together in a useable form.

Does it generate reporting?

YES! Once complete, you have the ability to print reports for the narrative section of your business plan, as well as for your projections. These reports demonstrate to banks, investors or anyone else the basic concepts, potential and viability of your business. They are generated without any additional input from you. And because they come in a PDF format, everyone will be able to print them.

Do I need any other programs?

NO! The application does not require any other application. It is totally self-contained.

Should I expect to be able to finish in one setting?

Typically no. Gathering the required information may take some time. But it is definitely worth it. Remember, the more thought you put into planning your business now, the better the chances of it being successful when you open. So take your time. Be honest with yourself and make sure you get the most accurate information possible.

Do I need to understand how to use a spreadsheet?

NO! The application does the math for you. All you do is provide the information, and it takes care of the rest.

Is it easy to change?

Very! Because the application is storing all the information you provide in a database, you simply make changes as you need to make a change. The application takes care of keeping track of the effects it will have throughout the data. There is no forgetting, duplication of effort or backtracking to make the change in another part of the plan – the application does it all.

Can I do “what if” scenarios?

All you want. The application will let you change anything you want so you can see how it affects the total business. Again, all you do is make the change. The application does the work.

How do I navigate?

There are two basic ways to move throughout the application. The first is the navigation bar at the top of the page. The navigation bar offers the four basic sections of the application. Hover over any of the sections and a list of subsections will appear. Simply click on the subsection and you will move to that page. You can move around the application at any time using this method.

The second way to move throughout the application is found on the lower right-hand corner of each page with the buttons “PREVIOUS-CONTINUE-SAVE.” The PREVIOUS button will take you to the page preceding the current page … CONTINUE takes you to the next page … and SAVE will save all the data so you can come back to the application if you need to leave it.

Can I use the back button on my browser?

Actually, it’s probably best if you don’t. Using the browser back button take you to old cached pages instead of the most current page. Try the navigation bar. It’s easier to move around, and you won’t get confused by out-of-date cached data.

Must I hit save before I leave a page?

NO! Any time you leave a page using the directional buttons on the lower right-hand of the page or by using the navigation bar, your data will be automatically saved. However, if you leave the page to go to another web site, you will need to hit save.

What kind of help is there?

Help is found on almost every page. On the top left-hand corner you will find three tabs: HELP PAGE, HELP VIDEO, and PAGE NOTES. The HELP PAGE tab takes you to a written help description for that page, complete with a detailed and filled-out sample and a video link that walks you through what is needed. The HELP VIDEO takes you directly to the video. The PAGE NOTES tab allows you to take notes for that page, giving you the opportunity jot down what you are thinking for that particular page for future reference.