Ambassador Programs

Who is helping you recruit the next generation of employees?

The quickest way to improve moral, engage employees and double down on your recruitment efforts as a manufacturer is to develop an Ambassador Program.

Dream it. Do it. empowers manufacturers around the state to develop a core of passionate and engaged employees.  These Ambassadors become the face of the company, providing tours to students and educators, visiting classrooms and recruiting the company’s next generation of top talent. Click here for an ambassador guide.

Key benefits of starting an Ambassador program:

  • Identify and recognize key passionate talent with in your plant
  • A dedicated group that can provide facility tours to youth, educators and future employees
  • A team that can be deployed to local schools, colleges, military bases, job fairs, etc. that can be frontline representatives for your company
  • Extension of your HR recruitment strategy by empowering dedicated employees in the effort
  • Strengthen corporate culture and improve employee morale

For more information, contact Vice President of Education Programs Brian Crouse at (573) 634-3511 or