Strong slate of lawmakers emerge from last night’s election, setting the stage for pro-jobs policy in Jefferson City

Missouri voters elected 85 of the 87 candidates endorsed by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry political action committee, Missouri Chamber PAC, increasing the business community’s influence in the statehouse.

“Missourians overwhelmingly voted to elect candidates who will support legislation that will drive economic growth and create jobs,” said Missouri Chamber President and CEO Daniel P. Mehan.  “Voters proved that they care about job creation.  They showed they believe that candidates that will protect jobs and Missouri workers are the right people to lead policymaking in our state.”

The Missouri Chamber PAC is well-known for its involvement in elections. Over the years, it has helped build a General Assembly that champions jobs. In the 2018 Election, the Missouri Chamber PAC:

-Helped defeat candidates bankrolled by trial attorneys and unions,

-Engaged its grassroots network of members and local chambers of commerce,

-Helped elect 85 of 87 pro-jobs, pro-business candidates, including:

Missouri Senate
District 2 Bob Onder
District 6 Mike Bernskoetter
District 8 Mike Cierpiot
District 10 Jeanie Riddle
District 12 Dan Hegeman
District 18 Cindy O’Laughlin
District 20 Eric Burlison
District 22 Paul Wieland
District 26 Dave Schatz
District 28 Sandy Crawford
District 30 Lincoln Hough
District 32 Bill White
District 34 Tony Luetkemeyer

Missouri House
District 1 Allen Andrews
District 2 J. Eggleston
District 6 Tim Remole
District 7 Rusty Black
District 8 Jim Neely
District 12 Ken Wilson
District 16 Noel Shull
District 30 Jon Patterson
District 31 Dan Stacy
District 33 Donna Pfautsch
District 34 Rebecca Roeber
District 38 Doug Richey
District 39 Peggy McGaugh
District 40 Jim Hanesn
District 44 Cheri Toalson Reisch
District 47 Chuck Basye
District 48 Dave Muntzel
District 49 Travis Fitzwater
District 50 Sara Walsh
District 51 Dean Dohrman
District 53 Glen Kolkmeyer
District 54 Dan Houx
District 56 Jack Bondon
District 58 David Wood
District 60 Dave Griffith
District 63 Bryan Spencer
District 65 Tom Hannegan
District 96 David Gregory
District 97 Mary Elizabeth Coleman
District 98 Shamed Dogan
District 99 Jean Evans
District 100 Derek Grier
District 101 Bruce DeGroot
District 103 John Wiemann
District 104 Adam Schnelting
District 105 Phil Christofanelli
District 106 Chrissy Sommer
District 107 Nick Schroer
District 108 Justin Hill
District 112 Rob Vescovo
District 113 Dan Shaul
District 114 Becky Ruth
District 115 Elaine Gannon
District 117 Mike Henderson
District 119 Nate Tate
District 120 Jason Chipman
District 121 Don Mayhew
District 122 Steve Lynch
District 124 Rocky Miller
District 125 Warren Love
District 126 Patricia Pike
District 128 Mike Stephens
District 129 Jeff Knight
District 131 Sonya Anderson
District 133 Curtis Trent
District 134 Elijah Haahr
District 135 Steve Helms
District 137 John Black
District 139 Jered Taylor
District 140 Lynn Morris
District 141 Hannah Kelly
District 142 Robert Ross
District 144 Chris Dinkins
District 145 Rick Francis
District 147 Kathy Swan
District 148 Holly Rehder
District 149 Don Rone
District 151 Herman Morse
District 156 Jeff Justus
District 158 Scott Fitzpatrick
District 162 Robert Bromley
District 163 Cody Smith

“Our political action is an important part of our legislative strategy,” Mehan said. “We must keep economy-minded policymakers at work in Jefferson City – candidates who are willing to make the tough decisions that protect working Missourians.”